Tarangire National Park


Tarangire National Park

Size: 2,850 sq km (1100 sq miles)
Established: 1970
Distance from Arusha: 118 km (73 miles)

 Tarangire National Park is in northern Tanzania, 115 km from Arusha. As it lies among the Arusha Dodoma Road, it is quite accessible by car. It is a large park, spanning 2,600 square km. The Park is named after the shallow but vital river which crosses it lengthwise, which gives support to a large wildlife population during the dry season.

A seasonal migration of wildlife is concentrated here July through October, thousands of animals including wildebeests, zebras, elands, elephants, buffaloes, hartebeests, and more migrate from the dry Maasai steppe to the Tarangire River. Lions and other predators can also be found in abundance during the dry season. Tarangire, home to large herds of elephant, has a spectacularly scenic baobab woodland.

Facilities: A lodge, a safari camp, and airstrip, and several camping sites.